Matrix Science Pharma (MSP)

ISSN: 2521-0815 (Print)
ISSN: 2521-0432 (Online)
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Matrix Science Medica (MSM)

Published and Hosted by Wolters Kluwer , Medknow since 2019.

Matrix Science Pharma (MSP) is the journal for pharmaceutical scientists concerned with the physical, chemical and biological properties of devices and delivery systems for drugs, vaccines and biologicals, including their design, manufacture and evaluation. This includes evaluation of the properties of drugs, excipients such as surfactants and polymers and novel materials. The journal has special sections on pharmaceutical nanotechnology and personalized medicines, and publishes research papers, reviews, commentaries and letters to the editor as well as special issues. We are cordially inviting you to contribute an article to Matrix Science Pharma (MSP). In this journal, we focus on research in key areas of opportunity and challenge in pharmaceutical sciences. Our aim is to publish updated reviews as well as research articles with comprehensive theoretical and experimental details.